Customer feedback

Binary City, under leadership of Rayno and Darius Burger, is a competent development house that really adds value to a business.

Binary City has developed Pointbreak's customer relationship management software and the "Pointbreak Online" website enabling our clients to view their investment statement online. Both these solutions have become critical components in Pointbreak's service delivery to clients.

The programming team headed by Darius distinguishes itself through its efforts to exactly understand their clients' needs and by their attention to detail when programming.

Darius' philosophy of "everything is possible, just let me find out how" goes a long way in ensuring that a client gets the application that he/she requires.

Gerald Riedel, Director, Pointbreak

I have rarely been able to write any sort of reference / testimonial with as much honest enthusiasm as I do now for Binary City. was in urgent need of a re-development. Coming from a service orientated economy such as the UK as I do, I approached Binary City with the usual guarded caution since the prospect of receiving quality service in Namibia was poor given my lengthy experience to the contrary.

My concerns turned out to be utterly misplaced - the UK would be lucky to have them!

Binary have, without fail, provided excellent service. Thorough product knowledge, integrity, attention to detail, speed of replying to emails (no matter how trivial) & a superb work ethic are their hallmarks. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to any company who seeks high standards in every aspect of software development.

John McCartney,